Eight registered political parties contesting for the election in September participated in JCI panel discussion series.

On Saturday 3rd JCI LIVE Soualiga held its Third Series of Voice of the Nation (VON) with a great impact on the community.This event was held at our very own University of St Martin.

The panelists and attendees were all involve on the topic “Environmental Sustainability”.

The President of JCI LIVE Soualiga Delmarie Cornelius stressed in her opening speech:

Are we going to act on this matter now?

It is essential for us to get upon a system right now that capitulates to the unhealthy situation on our island.

She also quoted one of JCI future leader in the organization

The way we handle the environment today will determine the living circumstances for future generations. – Wesley Holder

The panel discussion was conducted orderly by Mr. Rolando Tobias who rendered (6) six statements and the house rules of order for the evening only two (2) of the statements were chosen for the evening.

As an intermission a presentation was given by Mr. Tadzio Bervoet to the attendees on the direction St. Maarten need to move forward in approaching the decline of the greenery, coral, and the environment airborne.

This capture the attention of the audience, the reality of the environment not presently sustained ,as the nature Foundation representative informed the audience more on why it’s important to protect the environment and the surroundings we live in today. The Panelists were representatives of the various registered political parties: DP, UP, SMD, USP, OSPP, HOPE, SMCP and P.P.A.

Also present was the National President of JCI Dutch Caribbean in Curacao Shawn Isidora.

The Panel Discussion was streaming live by 721 NEWS, and the Panelist express what they believe

Should be the priority in Parliament for legislation and the prevalent issues plaguing the island.