Soualiga Soccer Association hosts successful 3rd Annual Business Soccer Tournament.

The Soualiga Soccer Association hosted their 3rd Annual Business Soccer Tournament on Saturday July the 4th, 2015, at the Cruyff Court in Belvedere. A total of six teams participated in the tournament showing great enthusiasm and skills. All teams had to have a minimum of three females on the field at all times during the 6- a side game. The teams were assisted on the field by the Soualiga ladies whenever necessary, as the goal of the tournament was to promote a healthy, fun and active way of team building, while stimulating female participation in sports, more specifically in soccer.
The community of Belvedere and other supporters came out at large and were treated to an entire Saturday of fun and entertaining play by Nagico Insurances; the Social Insurance Bank (SZV); International Liquors, Tobacco& Trading (ILTT); the Inspectorate of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Affairs Immigration and the Department of Public Education Schools (DPES).
The 1st place in this year’s edition of the tournament went to DPES, winning a total of 39 points. Both ILTT and Nagico scored a total of 35 points, however ILTT had beaten Nagico 3-1, allowing them to take home the 2nd place trophy.

2nd place ILTT
The Soualiga Soccer Association would like to thank all the participating teams for showing great enthusiasm, skills and sportsmanship. The Soualiga Soccer Association furthermore would like to thank the sponsors who helped make this day a success: International Liquors, Tobacco & Trading, Heavenly Water and St. Rose Beach Bar. A successful event like this could not have been hosted without the help of dedicated volunteers who again tirelessly donated their time and effort to help out during the day. A great thank you goes out especially to the referees Jules de Vries and Odessa Ashby, the lovely concession stand ladies Rita and Ruth and the Belvedere community, along with all the fans and supporters who came out and enjoyed the day along with the team and local businesses.3rd place Nagico Insurances