Where are my anwerrs?

Member of Parliament George Pantophlet is still waiting on answers to questions posed to Ministers Marcel Gumbs and Marten Hassink respectively. These questions were submitted through the President of Parliament in his letter of May 19, 2015. Almost 1 month has passed and to date no answers have been forthcoming. The questions submitted to the Minister of General Affairs Marcel Gumbs are as follows: 1. A list of the different Ministries that were filled in the last 2 years and by whom? Are they on contract or are they permanent? 2. Have all civil servants been placed in their rightful scales in accordance with their qualifications and function? 3. How many civil servants have left government in the last 3 years, from which departments and what were their reasons for doing so? Were they on contract or permanent? 4. Are there any pending court cases between civil servants and government? How many are there and how far back do these court cases go and what are the reasons for such? 5. Is it true that although we have attained country status, there are still civil servants with an island resolution of island territory St. Maarten instead of a National resolution of country St. Maarten? The questions posed to Minister of Finance Marten Hassink: 1. Has any agreement been reached between government and the Social Health Insurance (SZV) and the General Pension Fund (APS) with regards to the outstanding debt owed to these institutions? 2. How much is owed to the Social Health Insurance (SZV)? 3. When was the last time payments were made to these institutions? 4. What years are these arrears referred to? Please indicate per institution. 5. Are there any payments being made presently to these institutions? 6. Please provide me with copies of the verdict of the ruling relating to the court cases between the St. Maarten Receivers and the AUC and the Inspectorate and AUC.
The Member is aware of the article appearing in the Daily Herald of Saturday June 13 2015 where it states that AUC won its tax appeal and it goes on to mention the Inspectorate of Taxes. What the Member is waiting on is the ruling on the case between AUC and the St. Maarten Receiver’s. Also of much importance to the Member of Parliament are the following documents:
1. Copy of the management contract between AUC and the holding with a cost plus compensation based in the Cayman Islands, 2. What law of 2000 as admission to an economic zone are they referring to? 3. Copies of Tax Agreement 1 and Tax Agreement 2, 4. A copy of the ruling of the High Court in the Hague on December 9, 2005. A copy of the minutes of the meeting if such exists between AUC and the then Ministers Theo Heyliger, Franklin Meyers and Hiro Shigemoto as to their role in coming to as the newspaper puts it and he quotes an amicable or a relatively advantageous settlement end of quote.