TelEm Group and partners aim to keep SXM DOET volunteer ball rolling Saturday

Companies, TelEm Group, Bureau Telecommunication and Post St. Maarten and accounting firm BDO St. Maarten B.V will be decked out in these SXM DOET t-shirts Saturday when they collect foodstuff and build a gazebo for children in need – all under the watchful guidance of project leader, Sharalee Lint (2nd from right),

Pond Island – TelEm Group is joining with partners Bureau of Telecommunication and Post St. Maarten, and accounting firm BDO St. Maarten B.V. this Saturday to volunteer their services under the St. Maarten DOET program.

One team of volunteers from TelEm Group and BDO will be collecting foodstuff outside Sunny Foods and Grand Marche Supermarket Saturday morning, while a second team from the same two companies will be building a gazebo for foster children of the New Start

TelEm Group and Partners for SXM DOET……………2

Foundation foster home located in Mary’s Fancy. The kids will also receive all foodstuff collected.

Materials to build the outdoor structure is being provided by TelEm Group and BTP with labour provided free by workers of TelEm and BDO.

TelEm Group, Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Helma Etnel, praised staff for giving their time to assist those in the community most at need.

“It’s a great gesture that the company backs all the way,” she said.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Managing Director, BDO St. Maarten B.V., Ms. Marcia Illidge, and Mr. Ryan Wijngaarde of BTP St. Maarten, both of whom were also pleased to be on board on this program with TelEm Group.

Saturday’s volunteer effort is the brainchild of Ms. Sharalee Lint who got the three groups together to help with a useful community project for kids – joining thousands of volunteer efforts completed under the DOET volunteer drive.

“The New Start Foundation is doing a great job of looking after children in a safe and homely environment and deserves any help we can give,” said Sharalee, who meantime also thanked the group of volunteers for standing up to the plate.