Nature Foundation Urges Boating Community to be on Look-out for Migrating Marine Mammals

The Nature Foundation is urging all vessels to exercise caution and report sightings of marine mammals. Over the last few days the Foundation has been noticing a large number of dolphins on the south and western side of the island. “When we were returning from a patrol in the Marine Park we noticed a large pod of bottlenose dolphin feeding and playing right outside of Fort Amsterdam. We stayed around the vicinity to ensure that boaters where aware of the pod and also had the opportunity to interact with the animals safely.


Numerous other species of whale and dolphin, including humpback whales, sperm whales and several other types of dolphins, make their home in local waters. This year the Nature Foundation will once again bring greater awareness to the general public about St. Maarten’s wild Marine Mammal Population and conservation issues faced by Marine Mammals in local waters. The Nature Foundation also hopes that St. Maarten will become a signatory to the Marine Mammal Sanctuary currently being established in the North Eastern Caribbean.


If the public is interested in participating in the marine Mammal census they can send an email to ma*****@na*****************.org and request a sighting form.