CIA/LU win first place in the Oualichi Female High School Soccer Competition

During the very intense final match of the Oualichi Female High school Competition the CIA/LU team managed to maintain their top spot in the Competition, finishing at the number one spot. Four schools qualified for the finals and had to battle it out last Saturday for the top three spots. The final game proved to be intense with MPC controlling possession for most of the game, having many chances to score. From the defense to the attack the MPC girls gave their maximum and played their best game so far of the competition. In the end the CIA/LU team maintained the score to a 0-0 draw, winning based on the points accrued during the whole competition. B&C beverages donated the second place trophy won by MPC.

For the third spot the St. Dominic team went home with the WIB trophy, winning the game by default due to insufficient players showing up for the Sundial team which resulted in them being disqualified. In true sportsmanship manner both teams decided to still play a friendly game.

The awards ceremony recognized key players for their dedication and talent during the competition. Daricia Arrindell (CIA/LU) went home with the Oualichi women of the tournament award and the most goals scored award. For MAC, Whitney Walsch showed her excellent skills as a keeper and won the Oualichi Best keeper Award.

The Female High School Soccer Competition 2014 was made a success due to the many volunteers who assisted in the low budget organization. The competition proved to be the stepping-stone for a yearly competition benefitting the soccer girls of Sint Maarten.