The Lab Sports Academy is hosting on the DECEMBER 7th 2014 7th ANNUAL HARBOR TO PIER SWIM MEET.

INVITATION goes out to: 1. The SXM Aquatic Federation,. 2. The Super splash Swim Team, . 3. Franky Swim School, 4. The Triple C swimming institute, 5. The French Side Swim Academy, 6. No Limits Swim school, 7. SXM Coast Guard, 8. Sherriff Security 9. Carib Swim Team, 10. Other individual Swimmers local & Internationals.
CATEGORIES: SHORT (1.3Km) & LONG DISTANCE (2.8Km) Youth & Open class. SIGN UP: ARRIVAL TIME: 6:00 AM at CIRUS WATHEY SQUARE, DEPARTURE IN ONE BUS TO THE HARBOR 6:30 AM. START SWIM 7:00 AM SHARP. Registration COST US$ 10 – Members & Athletes 12 and Under US$ 6,-
All participants receives a commemorative T – Shirt & Breakfast curtesy of BARE FOOT RESTUARANT on the Board Walk.
SAFETY & SUPERVISION: BY Coast Guard & Sheriff Security.
Should you require more information please contact us at: LAB Sports Academy- Phone: 5879089.
E-Mail: Le*******@ya***.com