“Oualichi Soccer Association Female High School Competition Second Round Results in Lower Scores and Stronger Team Performance ” Next round to take place this Saturday 29 November

The second round of the Female High School Soccer Competition started on Saturday 22 November with overall lower scores and stronger team performance than the previous round. The second round featured a stronger performance from players with all teams now working towards a chance for the finals.

The games started with MPC versus CIA/LU, and although CIA/LU dominated the last round, MPC made a comeback of 2-0 with scores made by Rishendra Carty and Shakirah Gijsbertha. So far both schools proved to be the stronger competitors in the competition. While CIA/LU featured a star player in the game it was MPC who pushed as a team to dominate.

St. Dominic followed as the dominating team with a game against Sundial and made a 1-0 goal advance. For the second week in a row it was Katherine Quispe who made the goal for her school. St. Dominic has a strong defense and attack playing field and Sundial, who started with a more defensive play in the first round is slowly progressing to having a team with a more balanced play between the defense, midfield an attack.

The games followed with CIA/LU on top against the MAC school with a 2-0 win with both goals scored again by Daricia Arrindell. The MAC, who is the only team with players who have no previous experience playing soccer, are growing exponentially to compete against the more advanced teams. They struggled in the first round but found their drive as a team and are progressing.

With a 1-1 tie, the Sundial team proved to be a tough contender for MPC. Sundial regained their composure after the last round with Marshelique Fleming scoring the goal. MPC didn’t wait to long and tied the game right after with a goal made by Aishel Pieters.

The last game between St. Dominic and MAC resulted in a scoreless draw.

The competition, which is organized by the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association under the umbrella of the Sint Maarten Soccer Association, will continue its last set of games this Saturday 29 November. The games start at 8:30 and go on until noon. The finals will eventually take place on the 6th of December with teams competing for the first three final spots.

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