“Oualichi kids Team Debutes New Uniforms During Friendly Games Against RISC Takers kids Teams”

The Oualichi kids team debuted their new uniforms during a friendly tournament against the RISC Takers U9 and U11 teams on Saturday 13th of September at the Raoul Illidge Field. The uniforms, in the colours of the Sint Maarten flag, has been made possible by the generous donation of the Be the Change Foundation and CaribLed.

In February, the Oualichi kids were chosen as the Be The Change project of the month and funds were raised to buy uniforms for the kids. Additionally, to complete the funds that were needed for the buying and printing of the shirts, CaribLED also came on board as a sponsor. The idea behind the uniforms was inspired by FC Barcelona and UNICEF to have a goodwill organisation printed on the uniforms. “This is a uniform with a positive message. The Be the Change Foundation is represented on the kids shirts highlighting the mission of Be The Change in encouraging the local St. Maarten Community to actively contribute to various non-profit organizations and local causes. Oualichi strives to send a clear signal to the community, especially young girls, on the importance of playing sports and being active,” read a Oualichi statement.

Both the U12 and the U9 teams played a couple of friendly games against the U11 and the U9 teams. It is the second time the teams are playing against the RISC taker teams. The objective is to have more playing experience for both teams and that the kids can evolve in the sport by competing more regularly. The MVPs for the Oualichi team was Maeve de Bruijne and Genevieve Blackman. Maeve played excellent as a keeper for the U12 team and Genevieve Blackman shined as the only player on her U9 team who managed to score a goal.