National Development Plan process has Jingle

Within short the airwaves will be bombarded with a new jingle related to the
National Development Program (NDP) under the banner ‘Growing Stronger Together.’
The jungle was produced by Bertaux Fleming better known as ‘Mr. Rude’ from Xtratight, and sung by Mirougia, the lead singer from Control Band.
The musical arrangements were creatively developed by Bertaux.
The words chosen come from a workshop session held earlier this year with the volunteers of the NDP project. During this workshop not only the identity of the process was created, but the logo and slogan as well.
The NDP program volunteers also came up with a list of key words they found representative of the project. The focus in this jingle is on the slogan: GROWING STRONGER TOGETHER.
A representative of the process currently underway said people need to have their voices heard during the dialogues that will continue for the remainder of the year. Not only during the community based sessions, but also during the thematic dialogues focused on Economics, Environment, Culture and Social & Human Development.
The input of the nation is needed to write the National Development Plan and to establish the common vision for St. Maarten.
The jingle therefore ends with: St. Maarten National Development Plan: Share your voice, Shape your Future.
Last month the national program launched their new look sporting yellow t-shirts as part of the house look of the process.
Street banners have also adorned certain main roads to mark that the process to formulate a National Development Plan is well underway.
The National Development Plan will cover the period 2015-2040 and sets the direction for strategic long-term development as a country.
The process entails the input of the people which supports the kind of development St. Maarten needs and which the citizens want.
The national development process is seen as a new opportunity to reflect on the current situation and take decisions as to how best to collectively work together to achieve our common goals represented in the plan.
The country’s development priorities have been identified into four pillars: economy, environment, culture, and human development.
The National Development Plan is facilitated under the auspices of the project, “Building a Nation: Sint Maarten National Development Plan & Institutional Strengthening.”
The Ministry of General Affairs, Department of Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK) are providing key support for the NDP process along with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
For further information please refer to: na*****************@si************.org, and/ or call 542-0897.