Minister Lake meets with Cape Bay residents

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake earlier this week met with the residents and Community Council representatives from Cape Bay. 

Residents voiced their grievances with respect to their neighborhoods and about the upgrades and improvements that they would like to see.

Minister Hon Maurice Lake applauded the residents for their pro-active approach as well as the Community Police Officers who have been doing a great job.

Residents expressed their views on having Cape Bay area zoned as residential instead of industrial; they also spoke about lack of street lights on Venus Drive; and additional and larger garbage bins.

In connection with the power utility company GEBE, residents would like GEBE to look into the noise pollution and smoke that is generated by the power plant by looking into the latest technology that could reduce the aforementioned where the plant becomes more environmental friendly.

Minister Lake promised to follow-up with the communities within two weeks including a meeting with Ministry VROMI regarding the zoning plans for the area.

"I am happy to see the community spirit well and alive and the residents working closer together with the various stakeholders, community councils, Community Police Officer Darryl Chandler and Government.

"This is what back to basics all is about. Working together in a collective manner to resolve basic community issues, is the direction of moving country Sint Maarten forward. Working from the grassroots level upward and making a difference," Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

Government has already started with the necessary repairs to the Cape Bay cemetery which includes the gate, street lights, cleaning of the area, and finding a solution to water running on the street.

Minister Lake is also looking into the issues of the James family that they have encountered on the Windsor Road in Cole Bay. Their complaint regarding the destruction of their boundary wall has his Cabinet’s full attention.

A welcome sign will also be placed at the entrance to the district of Cape Bay.

Minister Maurice Lake says it is his intention to continue to meet with Community Councils in the coming weeks and months regarding issues of mutual concern in their respective districts.

PHOTO CUTLINE: A cross section of the Cape Bay communities that attended the meeting earlier this week with Minister Hon. Maurice Lake. DCOMM Photo