Territorial Boards agree to 10 of 17 Wilkin Report recommendations on governance

– WICB thanks Charles Wilkin QC for sterling services

St John’s, Antigua –

 The Territorial Boards of the West Indies Cricket Board, at a specially convened meeting to deliberate on governance on September 14th in Barbados, agreed to ten of the 17 recommendations of the Governance Committee Report.


The Governance Committee was chaired by Mr. Charles Wilkin QC and includes Dr. Grenville Phillips and WICB Director Elson Crick.

Under Wilkin’s chairmanship the Governance Committee was tasked by the Board of Directors with reviewing the governance structure of the WICB.

In addition to the 10 recommendations which were agreed to, the Board of Directors also deferred decisions on six other recommendations while not agreeing to one recommendation.

The Governance Committee submitted its report to the Board of Directors. The report is available here: http://www.windiescricket.com/sites/default/files/documents/WICB-Governance-Committee-Report.pdf

The WICB also announced that Mr. Wilkin has submitted his resignation from the Governance Committee to President of the WICB Dr. Julian Hunte.

Mr. Wilkin offered the reason for his resignation being that the Territorial Boards did not agree to the implementation of the full menu of recommendations.

While expressing regret at his resignation Dr. Hunte, accepted the resignation and thanked Mr. Wilkin for his sterling services to West Indies cricket.

"Mr. Wilkin and his committee spent a considerable amount of time and effort and the recommendations provided as part of their report were thoroughly perused and studied by the WICB Board of Directors then sent to the Territorial Boards for their review and consideration," Dr. Hunte said.

"The Board is pleased that the Territorial Boards were able to formally agree to and commit to adopting ten of the 17 recommendations while taking more time to deliberate on a further six recommendations, hopefully for implementation in due course," Dr. Hunte added.

The Territorial Boards, the shareholders of the WICB, are of the view that governance restructuring – in light of the diverse nature of cricket in the West Indies – needs to be adopted in a phased manner and the agreement to ten of the recommendations is the first significant step to overall governance restructuring.

"The issue of governance restructuring can only be done with the agreement of the shareholders, the Territorial Boards, and I am encouraged that the journey of the restructuring of West Indies cricket has been significantly advanced and will continue to move forward in a robust manner," Dr. Hunte said.

Hailing Wilkin’s work on the WICB Governance Committee as critical to the advancement of governance in West Indies cricket Dr. Hunte wished the esteemed Queen’s Counsel from St Kitts and Nevis the very best in his future endeavours.