Softball Weekend Scores

Here are the scores of the Softball games last weekend, held at the Jose Lake Sr. / John Cooper Ball Park.


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Diamonds and Spinners had a game tied 6-6 after the first 2 innings and Spinners came back and won the game 12 -10. The best batter for the sinners was one of their youth players Shaquira Charles going 2-2 and her mother Bernice Richardson was the winning pitcher.

Outlaws had 20 runs and Zodiacs had 9 runs. The best batter for the outlaws was Jose Luis Epino going 3-3 and on the mount was Sandi Javier. Outlaws connected for 5 homeruns. Zodiacs had Eliazar Romero and Floyd Skeet both doing 2-3.


It was a 0-0 game for 2 innings and Angels scored 2 runs in the 3rd and 1 in the 4th. Falcons then went ahead in the end and scored 6 runs to win the game.Falcons had Sheron Jones, Isha Marlin and Nadine Shillingford going 2-3 to help win the game 8 – 5 against the Angels. Pitching for Falcons was Carina Reyes. Diasha Ferdinand went 2-2 for the Angels.

It was a blow out game from the beginning when Lions batted round 3 times in the first inning coming up with 23 runs. The game ended 26 for Lions and 4 for Rebels. Milton Martina won the game and Terrance van Heyningen went 4-4. Mike Sponsper went 2-2 for the Burger King Rebels.


Babylons finally got their first win vs the Freebirds. Freebirds was in the lead until the last inning when Babylons fly pass them to end the game 22-19. Wilfred Philipa was the winning pitcher for the babylons. Claudio Ellis was the best batter. For the Freebirds Ashile Hodge went 3-3

A had to see game was Gradz vs Stars. Stars had James Arrindell as best batter going 2-2. and Nelson Urighe pitching. The game ended in favor of the stars with 8 runs and grads 1.

Invaders 5 runs with Ramon Ulises and Arturo Barre both going 2-3. Astros who hasn’t lost a game yet had 12 runs with Maximo Santana on the mount. Ruben Daniel going 3-4.

Burger King Rebels had 12 runs and Mike Sponsper going 3-3 as best batter. Dem Boys had 15 runs with Elton Jones getting the save. Anto Meyers going 4-4

Pirates 22 runs with Clint Smees doing the pitching and Adonus Jacos, Andrew Williams and Jean Carty all going 4-4. Outlaws had 2 runs.


Invaders scored 1 run. Dem Boys had 11 runs with Christian Richardson pitching. Janitro Williams went 2-3

Babylons had 5 runs with Ettiene Levenstone connected for 3-3 to become the best batter. Middle Region Stars had 15 runs and Juan De Leon pitching. Minister Franklin Meyers went 3-3.

Jets 26, Elmia Gumbs pitching and Nasmarie Doran doing 2-3. Elisa Wilson connected for a grand slam. Survivors had 2 runs. Lyndeska Hodge eager to put a run on the board reached home on a strike out pass ball that was error twice.

Angels player Joan Verwoord helped her team with 4-4 to win the game with 18 runs. Pitching was Myrna van Heyiningen. Diamonds had 3 runs.

Outlaws had 17 runs with Jelpi Ceverino going 3-4 and William Nivar pitching. Burger king Rebels had 10 runs with Alphons Gumbs going 3-4. Both teams had 15 hits.

Freebirds give up their game being able to hold down Lions for 2 innings. Lions took lead in the 3rd inning and went ahead by 8 runs. Free birds not being ale to get a hit in the last inning the game ended 21 for freebirds and 22 for lions. Pitching for Lions was Milton Martina and Raffie Rohan had 4-4. Freebirds player Elias Jones went 4-5.