High Councils of State Symposium A Success

The High Councils of State Symposium was held on Friday October 14th 2011, under the theme "Checks and Balances in a Democracy and the Role of High Councils of State."


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The symposium was hosted at the Westin Dawn Beach Hotel & Casino, on Friday, October 14, was a joint effort of the General Audit Chamber, the Advisory Council and the Ombudsman.

His Excellency Governor drs. Eugene Holiday addressed the invited guests after the opening welcome.

Thereafter, the first presentation was given by Dr. Samuel Polanen under the theme, "The importance of checks and balances within a democracy."

After Polanen’s presentation, Justice Bob Wit addressed attendees under the theme, "Roles of High Councils of State in a Democracy."

Dr. Samuel Polanen is a Constitutional law consultant and the Director of the Foundation for Civic Education, as well as serving as an advisor to the Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs for Suriname.

Justice Bob Wit currently serves as a judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice and is the President of the Constitutional Court of Sint Maarten.

The objective of the symposium was to increase the awareness in a general sense regarding the role and value of the High Councils of State within a democratic system especially where it relates to checks and balances on the functioning of the system.

The invitees to the symposium comprised of Members of Parliament, Ministers, Secretary Generals, Department Heads, and Section Heads and other stakeholders in the community, as well as invitees from abroad.

The Ombudsman, the General Audit Chamber and the Advisory Council, are three of the High Councils of State constitutionally recognized in Country Sint Maarten.