Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Dr. Luc Mercelina, Engages in Hands-On Clean-Up Efforts at Government Administration Building

In his first week in office, the Honorable Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Dr. Luc Mercelina, has demonstrated a proactive and hands-on approach to governance by personally overseeing clean-up operations at the Government Administration Building.

Recognizing the pivotal role the Government Administration Building plays as a symbol of public service and governance, Prime Minister Mercelina emphasized the importance of maintaining a pristine environment both for civil servants and visitors. He stressed that the first impression of the Government Administration and its surroundings sets the tone for the work carried out within its walls, and it is essential for both morale and productivity.

During his visit over the weekend, Prime Minister Mercelina expressed his gratitude to all those involved in the clean-up efforts, highlighting their dedication and commitment to ensuring a conducive working environment for civil servants and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. He underscored that the Government Building is not merely a structure but the “people’s house,” and it should reflect the pride and ownership of the community it serves.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Mercelina reaffirmed his commitment to ongoing improvements, both internally and externally, at the Government Administration Building. He pledged to monitor progress closely and ensure that the necessary resources and support are provided to sustain the momentum of positive change.

Prime Minister Mercelina concluded by reiterating his appreciation for the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved in enhancing the Government Administration Building. He emphasized that by working together, the government and the people of St. Maarten can continue to build a brighter future for all.