Reminder: Submit Your 2023 Income Tax Return Form

The Inspectorate of Taxes reminds the general public that the deadline for submitting their 2023
Income Tax Return Form is Friday, May 31, 2024. Submissions must be made at the Tax
Administration Office, located in the Vineyard Building, during office hours from Monday to
Friday, between 8AM and 2PM. To prevent overcrowding and minimize wait times, it is
recommended to submit your Income Tax Return Form well ahead of the deadline.
To access the 2023 Income Tax Return Forms A & B and view the list of required documents,
please visit, under the Documents tab. The forms are also available on the
Government of Sint Maarten website and via the online services of the Government at
Furthermore, in collaboration with the Community Development, Family, and Humanitarian
Affairs (CDFHA) Department, the Sint Maarten Tax Administration offers free assistance for
seniors/pensioners with filing their 2023 Income Tax Return Form. For more information, please
visit or contact your nearest Community Help Desk.
Taxpayers are reminded that the 2023 Income Tax Return cannot be submitted online or via
email. Tax Return Forms must be submitted in person at the front office of the Tax Administration, located in the Vineyard Building. Upon submission, kindly bring a copy of the form for stamping as a receipt. Requests for extensions must be submitted before the deadline date of Friday, May 31, 2024, accompanied by a valid reason. Additionally, spouses are reminded to jointly submit one tax form.
For questions or requests, please email the Sint Maarten Tax Administration at