Fire department calls on community to be safe this Easter holiday weekend

The Fire Department is calling on the community to be safe this Easter holiday weekend
that kicks off from Thursday, March 28 until and including Monday, April 1.
Many people will be heading to the beach for camping and various water sports activities and having a fun day with family and friends.
Safety should always be a concern.
Keep a watchful eye on all young children who cannot swim; make sure that their flotation devices are in proper working condition.
Tragic water events can happen quickly.
Pay attention to senior family members who are swimming. The beach can be fun and an enjoyable experience, so it’s up to you to stay safe.

Watch out for strong water currents. Stay in shallow water.
Exercise safe cooking practices in the kitchen to prevent kitchen fires and burn injuries. While at the beach barbecuing, also pay keen attention that young children are not close by.
After a successful BBQ, don’t forget to clean up all utensils/garbage from your family/friend Easter holiday beach experience and properly dispose of them in a garbage bin. Once coals have been
completely extinguished, remove them so the beach environment is returned to its original state.
Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children this Easter holiday weekend.
During this holiday weekend, drive sober! Don’t drink and drive, because drunk driving can result in a serious injury or even worse, death.
Make sure everyone has a sober ride home if you’re hosting an Easter holiday gathering. Don’t let someone get behind the wheel if that person has been drinking. Have a designated driver.
Don’t speed this holiday weekend. Always wear your seat belt. It’s your best defense against impaired drivers. Be responsible, drive safely.
The Fire Department wishes all a safe and happy Easter holiday weekend.
The Fire Department falls under the Ministry of General Affairs.
In the event of a fire emergency, call 919.