Royal Family members to Visit In-No-Plastic Science Fair

The Royal Family will be visiting the In-No-Plastic Science Fair during their visit to the country early February.
Various schools, primary and secondary, have been invited to participate in the fair. The theme for this event is, “Plastic and Our Environment.”
Sint Maarten Nature Foundation Manager Leslie Hickerson said on Monday, “We are very excited to host this event for St. Maarten students. It gives them both an opportunity to look at environmental issues on the island and a chance to address those issues with creative ideas.
“The added bonus of meeting the Royal Family and earning a spot on one of our snorkel tours hopefully inspires them to put their best designs forward.

“The In-No-Plastic team and other Nature Foundation staff are able to answer questions or give help if needed.”
The fair will take place at the Belair Community Center from 11:20 AM on Tuesday, February 7.
Students have been invited to create a science-fair style display about their topic. 60 participants will get the opportunity to join a snorkel activity with the Nature Foundation, and winners will be chosen by age group.
His Majesty King Willem Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Maxima last visited Sint Maarten in 2013. This will be Princess Amalia’s first visit to Sint Maarten, during which time she will be introduced to the islands within the Kingdom. 
Members of the Royal Family will pay a visit to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from Friday 27 January to Thursday 9 February 2023.