Serious scooter accident again on Brouwers road

Two scooters slammed into each other in the vicinity of the Harold Jack Lookout Point on A.J.C. Brouwers Road on Saturday, July 10, around 5:30pm. 

According to the preliminary police investigation,  the scooters riders

we’re heading in opposite directions and simultaneously overtook vehicles on the

hillside road causing a massive collision. After crashing into each other, the two scooters struck two other vehicles. 

The first rider with initials A.R. suffered laceration to his face and upper body. The second rider with initials R.A.S. suffered a deep laceration to his lower leg and abrasions on his body. Both riders were given tended at the scene by paramedics and then taken to St. Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment.  

This accident occurred near the location where earlier in the year two scooter riders were involved in a fatal accident.  

The Police Force Sint Maarten continues to warn scooter, and motorcycle riders, motorist about their behavior in traffic, especially during the busy hours of the afternoon.  Serious accidents keep happening and the severity of the damages has and may  eventually again result in the death of the rider or someone around them. 

Police is still noticing  the  risky behavior by this group of road users which is a cause of concern for the safety of the public.