Belair Community Center now offers extended opening hours for Vaccine Walk-ins on Tuesdays & Thursdays

The Belair Community Center has extended its opening hours for vaccine walk-ins on Tuesdays and Thursdays to 8:00 PM. The decision was made by the Vaccination Management Team (VMT) to keep both locations open for a longer period of time making it easier for people to come for their vaccination, especially those who work during office hours or have other obligations during work hours.

This week the extended opening hours will only be on Tuesday, due to Ascension Day, which is a public holiday on Thursday, May 13th. The second vaccination location at the Collective Prevention Service (CPS) offices will also be closed on Thursday.

From next week, the Belair Community Center will be open till 8:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday. 

The VMT would like to emphasize that to prove eligibility for a walk-in vaccination; someone only needs to show one of the following documents.   

•     Rental agreement of Dutch side in the name of the person.

•     Pay slip of Dutch side company in the name of the person.

•     A Sint Maarten ID card, Sint Maarten driver’s license or a Dutch passport.

•     A non-Dutch passport with the latest immigration entry stamp dating back six months or longer, showing that the person is here six months consecutively six months.

•     Proof of registration from the Census Department.

•     SZV Card.

•     A copy of a residence and/or work permit.

•     Proof of residency application.

Reiterating, the person only has to show one of the above.

Both vaccination locations invite all Sint Maarten residents who have not yet registered to come to one of the vaccination locations as a walk-in. No immigration checks will be done, and your information will be deleted after you received your vaccine. The friendly staff, which also speaks Spanish and Creole, will happily assist you with registration on the spot so that you can protect yourself and your family against COVID-19.

All over the world, hundreds of millions of persons have already taken the vaccine. It is scientifically proven to be safe and protects against the COVID-19 virus (including the UK variant, which is now dominant on Sint Maarten).

Only if enough persons get vaccinated can we create herd immunity, end the pandemic and race back to normalcy!