Positions within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports

Ministry ECYS,
On 1 April 2021, I had a meeting with act. SG Powell-Richardson, who is the manager responsible for the daily affairs of the ministry, and during that meeting, I informed her of my intention to start the process of making three (3) Acting positions in the ministry, permanent positions
On Friday, the 16 of April 2021, during my weekly meeting with Acting SG Powell-Richardson, I informed her that I decided to relieve Ms. Henry, who held two positions, that of UNESCO and also Acting head of Department Public Education of the responsibilities as the Acting head of DPE, because of the workload.
On Monday, the 19 of April 2021, I had a short meeting with Acting SG Powell-Richardson, and in that meeting, we continued discussing removing the responsibilities of DPE from Marcellia Henry and giving those responsibilities of DPE to Mr. Daison Mark.
Mr. Daison Marks has worked for the government of Sint Maarten for the past 18 years, and continues to do so. He worked for the ministry of ECYS and has also taught at the Sundial school for 8 years as a qualified teacher.
I asked SG Powell – Richardson to call a meeting with all involved, and that this meeting took place around 11 AM on Monday.
In the meeting, I informed Ms. Marcellia Henry of my decision to relieve her of the responsibilities of DPE, and that those responsibilities will be passed unto Mr. Marks.
At that moment, Ms. Henry got up and shook Mr. Marks’ hand, and congratulated him.
Ms. Marcellia Henry, who remains the SG of UNESCO, continues to work for the ministry of ECYS.
I ask all involved for their cooperation in the transfer of information and documents and told everyone that I would write them regarding what took place in the meeting.
I wrote 5 letters, and I have seen one of them on social media. The letter written to Acting SG Powell-Richardson personally is the one that I saw on social media.
This leads me to question the integrity of persons in the administration.
The process of making the 3 acting positions permanent positions will continue.
In regards to the transfer of DPE, I have been advised to rectify the financial situation of DPE and regulate all employee’s rights and privileges, even those of the teachers, before continuing with the transformation of DPE.
In July 2020, I asked the Acting SG to put a hold on the transfer of DPE and put attention on the financial and employees’ situation. That process has already started with the rectifying of all employee files.