Improving terms of employment for childcare starts with a gift card

On Monday, the 21st of December, Rayan Rammo, on behalf of deputy Nina den Heyer, handed over the first gift cards to the employees of childcare center Hardin di Chikitin ‘Nos Kas’. All employees who work in childcare, will receive a gift card before Christmas this year. “You have shown leadership and passion for the job, in guiding the little ones on our lovely Bonaire”, said Den Heyer in a message to the staff.

This gesture of appreciation for the important contribution that childcare workers make in the development of children, is a first step in improving the terms of employment in childcare on Bonaire. This month, the BES (t) 4 kids program started an investigation into the current employment conditions at childcare organizations and host parents on Bonaire. The goal is to improve working conditions before 2022.

The program BES(t) 4 kids wants to provide good-quality, safe and affordable childcare for all children in the Caribbean Netherlands, so every child has the opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential. Improving the quality of childcare is one of the main goals of the program. To guarantee that quality, well-trained personnel is needed, among other things. An training program has already started last year and now it is time to take a closer look at the terms of employment. After all, attractive terms of employment are required in order to retain and attract well-trained personnel.