Update on Business Closures in Connection with COVID-19

The Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunication hereby announces that in connection with the ongoing local efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the list of essential businesses that are allowed to be open to the public, has been updated as follows:

All other businesses must be closed to the public!

Employees of non-essential businesses should remain at home, except for emergencies. Provisions should be made to encourage work from home, where possible.
Business closing hours:
The following remains in effect for businesses that are allowed to open in connection with the aforementioned published attachment to the Ministerial Regulation:
All businesses must be closed on Sundays and holidays, with the exception of:
Retailers of cooking gas
Gas stations
Garbage collection
Emergency services
Hotels/ guesthouses, incl. on-site amenities catered to guests only. (incl. on-site restaurants for take-out/ delivery service to hotel guests)
The aforementioned businesses must be closed by 6 pm.
Businesses that are allowed to open on all other days (Mondays-Saturdays), must be closed by 6 pm.

The above closing time does not apply to emergency services and hotels/ guesthouses and on-site amenities, which may maintain their regular operating hours.
The above-mentioned closing hours also applies to businesses with permits to open for extended hours or 24 hours.
Businesses that are allowed to open may do so at their own discretion, so long as they are closed in accordance with the aforementioned stipulations.
The above measures are in reference to businesses opening to the public! Work that has to be performed beyond closing hours may continue. This includes, but is not limited to: nighttime employees of news outlets, emergency service operators, SMMC personnel and Cargo workers. Restocking of supplies after closing is also permissible as long as business is not open to the public.
Failure to adhere to the above business closures in connection with COVID-19 may result in a fine of up to NAf 18,000 in accordance with the list entitled ‘Transaction list related to Corona/ COVID-19 measures’ as published by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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List of Essential Businesses updated April 2 2020