General Public be aware of circulation of fake Travel Advisory

On Wednesday afternoon January 30th, Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin was informed of the circulation of a fake Travel Advisory via Facebook. Once again, Prime Minister Leona Rome-Marlin warns persons locally and internationally that there are many social media accounts specifically on Facebook and Instagram that are misusing her image, documents and name to solicit funds and or goods by request.

“Please be advised that these are fake accounts and fake documents as Prime Minister, I will never use social media to engage in official business or make official requests for funding of any kind. If you should encounter any of these fraudulent requests, please report them to the Police immediately. My social media presence it strictly limited to communication and promotion of the policies and projects that fall under my authority,” said Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin.

The original “Travel Advisory” that was sent via the Government official publications, concerns the ongoing situation and deteriorating political climate in Venezuela. Therefore, persons with no serious need are advised not to travel to Venezuela. For those who may have such a need, please be advised that there is an increase in public demonstrations throughout the country. Such demonstrations may become violent. You are advised to be vigilant and cautious if travel to the country is necessary.

The Government of Sint Maarten also wishes to underscore the danger of the area south of Lake Maracaibo and the border regions with Brazil, and in particular, Colombia. Protests, roadblocks, armed groups, as well as smuggling activities in these areas, make traveling unsafe. Therefore, you are advised not to travel in and around the border areas.

For more information, please refer to the website of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the following link: