Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin & PSB Bank join forces to bring financial relief to Civil Servants

Recently Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin in her capacity as Minister of General Affairs responsible Personnel Affairs, met with the management of PSB Bank to discuss the possibility of bringing financial relief to Civil Servants.

The objective of the discussion centered around the desire to focus on Civil Servants who following the passing of Hurricane Irma in September 2017 came out to work to get the Government up and functioning, and in many cases did not take care of their immediate needs. For many Civil Servants those needs may range from roof repairs, household damage, furniture replacement or even debt consolidation.

As a result, General Manager of PSB Bank Wayne Johnson, and his team have come up with a special offer designed specifically for Civil Servants that will be unveiled in an upcoming launch event that will be announced shortly. During the meeting, Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin and Minister of Finance Perry Geerlings were both pleased with the proposal of PSB Bank.

Prime Minister Romeo Marlin is hopeful that the PSB Bank special offer will be helpful to many Civil Servants.