113 donation registrations received by Electoral Council

At the end of the deadline, Wednesday, October 26, 2016, one hundred and thirteen (113) of the candidates had formally submitted their donation registration. Four (4) of the remaining twelve (12) candidates did not submit the donation registration but have concluded the registration online with no possibility to make any more adjustments. These registrations have yet to be signed by the candidates and submitted to the Electoral Council.

The remaining eight (8) have not concluded the registration online nor provided the Electoral Council with any information. These candidates are:

  1. Franchesca Arrindell (P.P.A.)
  2. Gracita Arrindell (P.P.A.)
  3. Jelen Coulanges (US Party)
  4. Cleopatra Dayday-Halley (P.P.A.)
  5. Armando Gumbs (P.P.A.)
  6. Bibiano Frensel Rimon (P.P.A.)
  7. Patrick Williams (P.P.A.)
  8. Johan Zwart (P.P.A.)

These candidates can expect a letter from the Electoral Council with the request to submit their donation registration without further delay. Failure to do so will result in additional measures