As a way of communicating the Democratic Party’s vision document,  referred to by many as a manifesto, the DP has presented a hard copy to several key organizations on island. By doing so, the candidates want to underline their dedication to the people in general and the importance of these organizations in helping DP realize  its 3 key ambitions of creating jobs, establishing stability and maintaining values.

These presentations are in no way seeking endorsement, rather the  recipients are members of the community who wish to be informed and are open to receiving a copy of all parties’ programs.  Some of the organizations which received DP’s Vision Document include the Electoral Council, Windward Island Teachers Union (WITU), the St. Maarten Marine Trades Association, the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, St. Maarten United Ministerial Foundation, among many others. Each candidate selected an organization of their choice to share a hard copy and digital version with. Other interested members of the public who wish to view the Governing Vision Document can also receive a digital copy from any of our candidates or via a link available on our Face Book page.

With the many issues that continue to hinder the success of this country and burden the people, the Democratic Party is the party with the experience, the know-how, and the mindset capable of bringing forward change and  finalize the numerous projects that have begun,  but never materialized. With the support of the people in this election, we hope to bring stability to this country.

“The Governing Vision Document relays  our vision for the future of Sint Maarten and our dreams for the people regarding education, our environment, health care, labor, housing,  infrastructure, family & community values, financial sustainability, tax reform, nation building and much more. We remain dedicated to the people and dedicated to changing the political landscape, and most importantly presenting lasting solutions to the problems that have been plaguing the people of Sint Maarten,” stated MP Sarah Wescot-Williams, Leader of the Democratic Party.

“We see and treat this document as a progressive document that will be continuously updated. We encourage members of the community to give their suggestions on all issues mentioned in this document or on those that may have not been mentioned. Suggestions can be shared with candidates of the political party, members of the political party or sent via email to de***************@li**.com.”

The DP Vision Document is based on a number of guiding principles,  which include transparency, sustainability, collaboration and positive values, with a firm belief in the development of our human resources through the promotion of life-long learning. An extensive section in the vision  is focused on the environment, the preservation of our natural heritage and facilitating alternative means of energy consumption. We have also placed community development, and our youth as  top priorities for the coming years. DP will continue to put the necessary policies and services in place to ensure that laws in the area of care, education, participation, protection and rehabilitation for the youth are fully developed for the wellbeing of our citizens.  In addition, affordable housing continues to be a main concern as well as upgrading the infrastructure. Within the plans,   DP expresses the need for a proper waste management facility and sewage network.

However in order to achieve the above,  the prudent guarding of the peoples’ money must be tackled. The DP has also included plans to restructure our tax system as well as focus on ways to increase compliance yielding more income for government, thus eliminating the annual search for new and untested taxes and fees.