CPS to continue with youth fit program  

Collective Prevention Service (CPS), a department of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Ministry VSA), will continue with its Fit Program for young people.

CPS will look at activities throughout the year to keep awareness active and alive and to monitor the progress overtime.  The objective of the return activities is also to promote healthy eating by organizing cooking classes or offering healthy cooking demos for special occasions such as Christmas or Easter.

Promoting physical exercise with outdoor games and sports will also be the focus of attention.

At its second Summer Fit Camp from July 20-25, 19 young people, 13 girls and six boys took part between the ages of 10 to 12, cycle two students.  The first camp took place in 2014.

The participants were divided into groups of five with a group leader assigned to each.  The camp took place at the Caribbean International Academy CIA) in Cupecoy.

The goal of the Summer Fit Camp was to promote and educate about healthy eating habits and physical activities to combat the increase in obesity in the country.

Activities were organized in a structured manner where participants took part in obstacle games (dance), sports (soccer), exercise (pool day), field trips (hiking), educational health sessions (gardening) and cooking demonstrations.

The children also learned about healthy snacking (choosing snacks under 100 calories), limiting sugary foods and beverages), the importance of drinking water rather than juice.

The young participants were also exposed to different ways of being physically active, eating healthy portions, controlled meals and snacks; building team spirit, self-esteem and confidence while taking part in group camp activities.

On the first day of the camp the body measurements of all the children were taken.  The total body weight on day 1 was 1259 kilograms (girls 915 kg, boys 344 kg).

The average weight per girl on day one was 70.38 kg and for boys 57.33 kg.  All measurements were taken again on the last day of the camp, and total body weight on day six was 1220 kg (girls 884 kg, boys 336 kg.

The total weight loss for the group in six days of the camp was 39 kg; the average weight loss was 2.05 kg per child (2.38 girls and 1.33 for boys).

There was no charge for a child participating in the Summer Fit Camp.