Three arm robbery suspects arrested by police

On Sunday, March 8th at approximately 05.50 p.m. a phone call came in to the Police Central Dispatch stating that three unknown men armed with guns had just stormed into the Thai Wong Supermarket located on the Wellington road and robbed the establishment. The Central Dispatch also received a complete description of the suspects. After committing this act the suspects fled the scene on foot.
Shortly after this information, the Police Central Dispatch again received information that the suspects in this case had jumped into a small white Suzuki vehicle with license plate 0062AAB and drove into the direction Union road.
Immediately all police patrols were informed of the incident. The investigating officers were also given the description of the suspects and vehicle they were using as a “get away vehicle.” A few minutes later the suspect vehicle in which three men fitting the description of the armed robbery suspects was spotted by a patrol on the Union road in the vicinity of the “Pet shop”. The suspects were ordered the stop the car.
All three suspects 16, 19 and 20 years old were immediately arrested. During a search of the vehicle two pistols were found. The suspects along with the confiscated vehicle and firearms were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they remain in custody for further investigation.