Government of Sint Maarten launches its Official Facebook Page

The Government has launched its Official Facebook page, entitled: “Government of Sint Maarten” to the public and the rest of the world.

The goal of the Government’s Facebook page is to gain wider exposure to a new demographic in the world of social media with information such as press releases, public notices, pictures and or videos of government related events. This social media tool will make it easier for persons to have access to updated information from the Government of Sint Maarten which includes highlights of specific departments and their services

Through the Department of Communication (DCOMM) in its capacity as Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF 8) the Government aims to expand its reach to the public during times of emergencies and in preparation of any possible disasters. Reaching the general public in a timely fashion as part of the emergency communication response is critical to avoid the possible loss of lives or unnecessary damage to property throughout the island.

“Having an official social media source for the country is important in this day and age. We have seen several instances where international news outlets have taken items pertaining to the country off of unofficial Facebook pages and run these items as fact when they are not,” Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs said.

“The government of St. Maarten wants to be able to communicate with the people of St. Maarten using every means possible. While several government departments have their own Facebook page, the entire organization itself needed one to make official announcements, an additional outlet in times of emergencies and to share factual information.

“The Department of Communications will be maintaining the Facebook page as part of several new initiatives they will be coming up with in the weeks and months ahead. I would like to encourage everyone to like and share the new ‘Government of Sint Maarten’ Facebook page.”

Another feature of the Facebook page, is a direct link to the official Government Website – where the visitor can access information on the entire apparatus of Government.

Television programming produced by the Department of Communication (DCOMM) is also available on its YouTube channel which is featured prominently throughout the Facebook Page. DCOMM’s YouTube Video archive includes programs such as 30 Minutes with Government, Special Events and Inside Government.

Prior to this official public launch, the Facebook Page has already accumulated 165 likes, The Government of Sint Maarten is optimistic that it will achieve its goal of not only informing and updating persons on St. Maarten but across the Caribbean, the Dutch Kingdom, and rest of the Globe.