Emil Lee appointed DP Parliamentary Faction Advisor

Mr. Emil Lee, who ran number 4 on the DP list in the August 2014 election, has been appointed  by the Democratic Party as Parliamentary faction advisor for socio-economic matters in general and tourism in particular.


During the campaign, Emil was a strong advocate for open government and integrity.  His vast experience as SHTA’s president for 13 years and his current position as President of the CHTA

(Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association) make him a valuable asset to the party and its leader.


Based on Emil’s excellent results in the Parliamentary election, it is clear that the message of Open government and transparency resonates with many people in our community. DP leader,   Sarah Wescot-Williams, “What better way to further incorporate this message of inclusion and open government than by having Emil continue to contribute to the DP’s development in a structural manner as Party advisor?”


Emil:  “I am delighted to be able to work together with MP Wescot-Williams, her  support staff and the Party board.  Coming from the private sector, I have a lot to learn about how government functions.  It is my hope that I can help to bridge the gaps in trust and understanding between government and private sector. MP Wescot-Williams has such a wealth of experience and knowledge; I felt that an opportunity to function as advisor would also be a great opportunity for me to learn and bring value to the process of improving St Maarten.”


As part of our community outreach program, the DP will be establishing different advisory committees to help the party to establish lines of communications with different sectors in our community.  Besides communicating the issues from the community, these committees will also serve as sounding boards for different proposals.  One of the first committees to be formed will be a transportation committee to provide advice on taxi, bus and gypsy transportation issues.  Soon after, a tourism advisory committee will be formed.


The public of St. Maarten is encouraged to make use of the office of their representative, Member of Parliament, Mrs. Sarah A. Wescot-Williams, for queries and concerns and matters of general interest.