Nature Foundation Again Expresses Concern on Beach Access for Residents

Reiterates Calls for A National Law on the Management and Protection of Beaches

The Sint Maarten Nature Foundation has grave concerns regarding recent reports coming from Dawn Beach and other beaches which again highlights the need for clear legislation as to the use of beaches on St. Maarten. Beaches are St. Maarten’s primary natural resources and the major natural asset for resident and visitor alike. The Nature Foundation urges decision makers to ratify and implement legislation where residents, regardless of background, can enjoy all of the country’s natural resources. “There should be no situation where a resident is harassed or barred from using any of the beaches on the island, and clear legislation with associated penalties should be in place to ensure that those infringing on the rights of residents to use their natural resources are not trampled on,” stated Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets.

The Nature Foundation would also like to see beaches managed, not only in ecological and environmental terms, but also for the beach-going public. Shade trees, such as the ones recently planted on Belair Beach, garbage bins and trash clean-up initiatives and seaweed removal schemes are essential for not only keeping the ecological balances of the beaches but also providing a pleasant beach-going environment for both residents and visitors.

The Nature Foundation will be appealing for the drafting and the implementation of a National Law for the Protection and Management of Beaches on St. Maarten.