SCDF and police hold first meeting

On Friday January 16th 2015 representatives of the Sint Maarten Carnival Development Foundation met with representatives of the police department at the Philispburg Police Station. The meeting was held in connection with the upcoming 2015 Carnival Season. This Carnival season will be longer than the prior carnival seasons and this meeting was held early with the intention to get a good grip of the situation and have all plans and events discussed and to make sure everything is in place. The main topics of the discussions were regarding safety, security, parade routes and traffic measures during the entire carnival season. One of the main topics on the agenda was “Jouvert Morning Jump-up” which most definitely has been growing rapidly in the last few years. The meeting was quite extensive and informative. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled to finalize all preparations for the Carnival Season 2015. The working relationship between the SCDF and the police force is very good and both organizations look forward in working together in making the 2015 carnival season a very successful one