TelEm Group celebrates contributions of its long- serving employees

TelEm Group management and staff celebrated the contributions of its longest serving employees during a moving Jubilee anniversary event at Captain Oliver’s, Oyster Bay, last Thursday.
The veteran workers clocked in a massive 280 years of combined service having reached milestones of 25 years, 30 years, 35 years and 40 years in service.
Each Jubilee celebrant was presented with a gift on behalf of the company along with some encouraging words from TelEm Group Mangers and directors, including Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mrs. Helma Etnel and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr. Eldert Louisa.
Both congratulated the Jubilees individually and as a group, recognizing the part they have each played in the development of TelEm Group from its humble beginnings under the management of Landsradio to its present position as the incumbent telecommunication provider for Country St. Maarten.
One of the highlights of the celebration was an exchange between Mrs. Entel and President of the St. Maarten Communication Union (SMCU) Ludson Evers, who was one of the Jubilees, celebrating 25 years of service in the company.
Each, warmly recognized their differences in the past, and expressed mutual respect for their sometime contrasting roles of running the company and representing union members.
Another highlight came when Technical Director, Mr. Louisa, congratulated Supervisor, Power & Utilities, Mr. Jose Arrindell, for his 25 years in service, saying that while the pair had professional differences in the past, he recognizes that one of the positive results is that he has grown as a manager and director over the years because of those differences.
Amongst the Jubilees celebrating 25 years in service were: Henry Salomons, Franklin Rogers, Amalika Bute, Hilaria Clovi-Sutton, Jose Arrindell, Elroy Hughes, Yolanda Heemskeerk, Junior Lake, Sherman Serastis, Ludon Evers and Monique Hodge-Wilson.
Supervisor, Lucient Hodge and Heinrich Susanna celebrated 30 years in service, while Lead Customer Service Representative, Stanley David was recognized for 35 years in service.
The highest accolade was reserved for long-serving employee, Stella Aarndell who marked 40 years in service, being one of the first employees of TelEm to still be in service.
During the celebration, Thursday, recognition was also given to former Manager, General Affairs and Purchasing Department, Mr. Olav Reed who this year retired from TelEm Group after marking 25 years in service.
Mrs. Etnel thanked all the veteran workers for their commitment to the company over the years.
“The fact that you have chosen to remain with the company over these many years, even when other options were open to you shows the commitment and love that you have for the company that each of you have helped to build, and for that you are much appreciated,” said Mrs. Etnel.
Many of the celebrants took the opportunity to comment on their own personal developments in the company over the years, some with humour and some with deep reflection, but with all taking the opportunity to thank the Human Resources & Development Department and the TelEm Group management for making their Jubilee celebration a memorable one.
“I speak for many of my colleagues when I say how grateful I am to TelEm for employment over the years, because as companies on St. Maarten goes we have much to be thankful for,” said one of the celebrants, Mrs. Monique Hodge-Wilson.