Three UP MPs requests urgent Parliament meeting on screening instruction

United People’s (UP) party Members of Parliament Franklin Meyers, Silvio Matser and Tamara Leonard have requested an urgent meeting of Parliament to respond to the recent instruction by the Kingdom Council of Ministers for Governor Eugene Holiday to execute a thorough screening of all minister candidates of the new coalition government.

The request for the parliament meeting was submitted on Friday to President of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams. The meeting is expected to be called early next week.

MP Meyers said the instruction from the Kingdom Council of Ministers is yet another example of interference into St. Maarten’s internal affairs. “We keep hearing about a kingdom of equal partners, but Dutch MPs and ministers continue to have no respect for our autonomy gained four years ago.”

The instruction proves that the Dutch Government and MPs still operate or believe that St. Maarten is a Dutch colony, rather than a partner, an equal partner that is, in the Kingdom, Meyers said.

The UP Parliamentarians said any political party or individual politician who misguidedly feels that this interference by the Dutch Government is to the benefit of the country should check their priorities and really decide if they have our country’s best interest at heart.