Public Prosecutor’s Services supports investigation by Council for Law Enforcement

By letter dated September 18, 2014, the Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten to the Council
for Law Enforcement requested to start an investigation into the prosecution policy of
the office of the Public Prosecution’s Office of Sint Maarten. The occasion of the
inspection survey by request of the Minister, is the judgment of the Court of First
Instance in the so called Masbangu-case, in which the Court held that the Public
Prosecutor (OM) in this file has at least called the semblance of class justice over them
taking prosecution decisions.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sint Maarten has taken notice of the letter of the
Minister of Justice and wants to cooperate in this investigation because the term “class
justice” has a very negative meaning.
Therefore, the Attorney-General of Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius
and Saba, Mr. Guus Schram, has already informed the Council that the Prosecution is
willing in any way possible to cooperate and give it’s support to this inspection
The Public Prosecution Service will provide, during the investigation, insight of the
prosecution policy, so that a balanced and accurate picture is given.
Should the Council for Law Enforcement in response to the study do recommendations,
then they will be examined by the Public Prosecutor’s Office with great interest and
followed where possible.