Effective Immediately Moratorium on Car Rental Permits and Expansion of Fleets Removed

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication (Ministry TEATT), announces that effective immediately the moratorium on car rental permits and expansion of fleets has been removed.


The Minister of TEATT took this decision that is within his authority. The moratorium was based on an Executive Council decision BC190208 ag. pt. 30.


Copies of the policy can be obtained via the Government website www.sintmaartengov.org located under the Ministry TEATT via Department of Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunications webpage “Policies” and the National Gazette.


The policy establishes parameters on the issuance of car rental permits and the expansion of fleets. The policy applies to all new applications for car rentals, including the expansion of fleets.


Applications must be fully completed and all supporting documentation included with the application. Incomplete requests will not come into consideration for a car rental permit.