Minister De Weever makes statement on Cor Merx comments

Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, the Hon. Cornelius De Weever, released the following statement on Friday with respect to comments made by Cor Merx.
“Mr. Merx should not be surprised at all about my statements because they are the same when I spoke to him last week Friday.
There should be a clear distinction between a lawyer and a dishonest person (liar).
“Mr. Merx was requested to submit his questions in writing to me and I would have the labor policy department prepare the answers for him and then we would schedule a meeting.
“Nothing more and nothing less, so as soon as Mr. Merx submits his questions then the meeting will be scheduled. Although he cancelled his press conference he still made his radio statement which I could not ignore and responded in kind.
“I am looking forward to his questions and then the meeting will be scheduled instead of his press statements,” Minister Hon. Cornelius de Weever concluded