Oualichi Girls Summer Soccer Camp to Take Place From the 17th to the 19th of July GEBE Supports Camp with Generous Donation

For the second year in a row the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association will be organizing the popular Girls Summer Soccer Camp from Thursday the 17th to Saturday the 19th of July. Girls who register will take part in a three day course where they will learn soccer skills and tactics taught by two female coaches from the United States, Ms. Hannah O’Brien and Ms. Meredith Aird. Both ladies play for the Connecticut Southeast Premier Team.
The morning sessions will be reserved for the teaching of practical soccer skills and in the afternoon the girls will be treated to a fun activity, including boat trips and island tours donated by Aquamania Adventures. The trainings will take place at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex in Cay Hill. The goal of the camp will be to make soccer accessible for all girls on St. Maarten, therefore the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association has decided to offer the camp free of charge.  GEBE has generously supported the summer camp initiative of the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association, making it possible for the program to take place. The Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association is grateful for the support of GEBE and the community at large for helping to develop girls sports in general and girls soccer specifically for St. Maarten.
For more information visit the team’s website www.oualichisoccer.com or Facebook page: Oualichi Women’s Soccer Team.