Civil registry department updating records of 250 persons born on Curacao residing in Sint Maarten

Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Marlin-Romeo, said on Monday that her department is being assisted by the Civil Registry Department of Curacao with respect to updating its database.
The Curacao registry provided 250 birth certificates. These documents will allow the Civil Registry of Sint Maarten to complete the files of 250 persons born on Curacao but residing in Sint Maarten.
Marlin-Romeo added that her department is also looking into the possibility of using the Dutch Embassy and Consulates within the Caribbean region as well as the Civil Registries of other countries to get data related to incomplete files of persons who reside in country Sint Maarten.
Individual’s names from Curacao were extracted from the database as being incomplete and having some sort of error. Errors consisted of lack of parent’s information; marriage information; divorces; wrong birth year or date; and or incorrect spelling of names.
The supply of the aforementioned birth certificates will allow the Civil Registry to complete the files on record of those 250 persons.
Sint Maarten is one of the first islands to use the birth certificate as part of the process of making sure all data in the Civil Registry system is correct dating back to 2011. The other islands within the Dutch Kingdom are going through a similar process; some have already started while others still have to begin.
The Civil Registry Department within short is expected to receive the assistance of Aruba.
Marlin-Romeo concluded by saying that this is an on-going exercise within the Kingdom with the overall goal to have all registries data up to date and with correct and accurate information as is required by law.
Marlin-Romeo added that the Civil Registry double checks data and information brought in by clients on a daily basis to make sure its accurate.