Story time with Chamber Director this Saturday at the Library

The Philipsburg Jubilee Library will be hosting its weekly, Saturday, story time at 11:00am on Saturday, June 14.

This Saturday’s, storyteller, Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce, Claret Connor, will be reading from one of the library’s children’s books called, “Mushroom in the Rain” by Mira Ginsburg. The story illustrates a lesson in elementary science about an ant, a butterfly, a mouse, a sparrow, and a rabbit, who all fit under the same mushroom.

“I know how important reading is to the development of every child. I feel honored to share my time reading to the children at the library”, said Connor.

Every Saturday, the library conducts story time sessions for visiting children. Both Joseanne Peterson and Lysandra William are the coordinators for the Saturday story times sessions and have been volunteering their time for this project since January.

“Since we started these sessions, we have noticed that the amount of children attending the story time has grown substantially. Another noteworthy fact is that parents are coming along with their children for story time. This is a very positive development, since our aim is to encourage parents to play an active role in developing their children’s interest in reading. Reading is a fundamental tool in the education of our youngsters”, commented story time coordinator, Joseanne Peterson.

After story time, children will be engaged in an arts and crafts activity and provided with fruit cups. The coordinators would hereby like to extend their heartfelt thank you to the sponsors of Saturday story time, namely Afoo Supermarket for fruit cups, Manrique Capriles for Juices and Office World for the crafting material.