TAC CEO Refutes Erroneous Blogger Comments of SZV to Invest US$200 Million in Medical Tourism

Dr. Sam Hess, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The American Clinic (TAC)
said on Thursday that he was shocked by what he read with respect to
guarantees of US$180-US$200 million being made available by the Social
Insurance Bank (SZV) for medical tourism.

In order for the people of Sint Maarten to have the correct information
about the interests of TAC and its plans for medical tourism, Dr. Sam Hess
made the following statement to bring clarity and transparency to unfounded
blogger reports:

“We have no agreement in place either with the SZV or the Government of Sint
Maarten where funding of TAC’s medical tourism project is concerned. We are
not asking for any monetary contribution from either the Government or the
SZV, and to say that an agreement is to be signed this Friday is just simply
not the truth.

“We have been and are committed to working closely with the St. Maarten
Medical Center (SMMC) to improve the quality of medical care available to
the people of Sint Maarten. Specifically, we are prepared to provide those
specialists that are needed and not currently available on the island.

“Our project is unique when compared to other medical tourism wellness
facilities throughout the world. Rarely does a medical tourism project help
the resident population. We on the other hand have committed to assisting
SMMC and SZV to provide access to specialist not currently available here on
the island. This would prevent delays in diagnosis and treatment which is
what the people of Sint Maarten want.

“Sint. Maarteners would no longer have to leave the island to travel to
Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the French Caribbean islands of
Guadeloupe/Martinique or Europe. Instead they would be able to have their
consultations and treatment done right here at home. They will be able to
recover with their family and friends right next to them.

“The American Clinic physicians will follow them after their surgery which
is not happening now when they come back from having travelled abroad.
Importantly, millions of dollars could be saved by SZV, the Government, and
tax payers will obviously benefit as well.

“TAC envisions having the specialist and facility in place to cater to the
needs of the Sint Maarten people while working side by side with SMMC which
would continue to be the national hospital of the country that meets the
basic health needs of the population.

“TAC’s role comes into play in areas that SMMC is not able to focus on. This
is where the synergy between both health care institutions would be a
win-win for the community of Sint Maarten.

“TAC would focus on developing the medical tourism sector which would be its
core business bringing millions in new tourism revenue, mitigating and
balancing the seasonality of tourism on the island, and employing hundreds
of locals in full-time positions. Together with the SMMC, we can make Sint
Maarten the shining star of medical excellence in the Caribbean,” Dr. Sam
Hess, CEO of TAC said on Thursday in bringing clarity and transparency to
the issue of public health and medical tourism matters.