New Technical Science classroom and language lab at the Sundial School

A fully renovated Technical Science classroom and a language lab were festively on Thursday May 22, 2014 at the Sundial School. The Division for Educational Innovation (DEI) was able to assist the Milton Peters College and the Sundial school with this project to the tune of over FLS 375,000.00.

The technical Science project consisted of the ordering of a new Technical Science method along with the corresponding equipment as well as digital resource material and training of staff in the use of this new method .This project was lauded by all as very much worthwhile as it contributes to the rekindling of our students’ interest in the technical sector and ideally the revitalization of our local technical industry.

The language lab project consisted of ordering computer based language software for both English and Dutch along with the necessary hardware. This was seen as a most welcome addition to the both the MPC and Sundial as students boast of the programs catering to their personal needs and being very engaging.

This latest investment is a part of an ICT integration project that was jointly embarked on by SVOBE and DEI in 2012 with an aim at equipping the school to educate the 21st century technology driven student. In December of 2013 an opening took place at MPC where classrooms with the newly installed beamers and smart boards, an AutoCAD (computer aided design for the technical sector), a language lab, a renovated Cultural Artistic Formation classroom and an official SVOBE website were opened. This part of the project was to the tune of over FLS 660.000,-


This project will be rounded off with an investment of over FLS 175.000 in a math lab and metal classroom at MPC where ICT will also play a major role. At the end of the project over 1.2 million guilders would have been invested at the SVOBE schools in order to give a much needed boost to the integration of ICT in our educational system.

These projects are part of the Dutch Development funding for the Innovations in Education projects that were funded through USONA. SVOBE is thanked for their financial contributions to such matters as insurance and training. DEI wishes to thank Mr. Wim de Visser and Mr. Reginald Richardson and the entire MPC/ Sundial team for their contributions to this project as well as Mrs. Angela Dekker (USONA representative) for her unwavering dedication to the betterment of education on the island.