Dr. Hunte hails Windies Women and Jennifer Nero on International Women’s Day

observes that WICB at the forefront of regional gender equality

St John’s, Antigua – President of the West Indies Cricket Board Dr. Julian Hunte hailed the West Indies Women team and the only female WICB Director, Jennifer Nero, on International Women’s Day, today, March 8th.

"As we celebrate the achievements and successes of women the world over on this day specially dedicated day, the WICB salutes the rise of the West Indies Women’s Team under the inspirational leadership of Captain Merissa Aguilleira," Dr. Hunte said.


"Our Women’s Team has been a source of unmitigated pride in recent years and we are most pleased with their steady ascendancy in the rankings to the stage where they are now ranked Number 2 in ODIs and Number 4 in T20s. As a Board, we have, as part of our Strategic Plan, given them the support that they require, in terms of retainer contracts, specialist training and preparatory camps, increased number of matches and tours and technical expertise," Dr. Hunte outlined.

"I take this opportunity too to congratulate the team on their successful tour of Sri Lanka during which they won both the ODI and T20 series and this coming after their impressive campaign in the ICC Women’s World Cup in India," Dr Hunte said.

"I wish to take this opportunity to place on public record the Board’s thanks to our first female Director, Jennifer Nero, for her continued contribution to West Indies cricket. Ms Nero’s appointment as a Director in 2011 was not only historic but visionary and steeped in inclusivity," Dr. Hunte added.

"Director Nero’s contribution to the deliberations and decision making of the Board of Directors has been insightful, robust and incisive. She has been an asset and immensely influential addition to the Board. We look forward to many more years of her distinguished service to cricket, including the championing of the cause of our women cricketers and administrators," Dr Hunte said.

"At the WICB Secretariat as well, we have women at senior managerial positions who contribute, on a daily basis, to the administration and management of West Indies Cricket," Hunte noted.

"The Board in 2012 appointed the first ever female Corporate Secretary – Verlyn Faustin; our long-serving Legal Officer, Alanna Medford and four of our managers – in the areas of Commercial (Nelecia Yeates), Events (Cindy McLean), Finance (Joy- Neta Noyce) and Corporate Services (Simone Davis) – are all women," Dr Hunte highlighted.

"Indeed when one examines Caribbean-wide organizations and institutions one would have to conclude that the WICB is one of the organizations that is at the very forefront of inclusivity and empowerment with regard to gender equality," Dr. Hunte said.

"Finally I am obliged to observe that the WICB is one of very few international cricket boards in the world which has a woman as a Director and as many women in senior managerial positions and I personally look forward to the day when we have greater representation by women not only at the highest levels but at all levels, including more women playing the game, serving as administrators and team and match officials," Dr Hunte said.

The WICB will host a function in Barbados on Sunday evening to honour the West Indies Women’s Team for their performance in the Women’s World Cup where they made it to the final.