I Can Braves won their first game by defeating St. James Yankees 12 to 10

In what could be labeled as a surprise game at the Luis Vanterpool Stadium the I Can Braves defeated the first place seaters St. James Yankees with a surprising score of 12 to 10. From the first inning it was obvious that the Braves had serious intensions to try to win their first game.


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They score eight runs in the first inning and pitcher Rashawn Edwards dominated the powerful bats of the Yankees. At certain time during the game it appeared that St. James were lost because instead of holding the bats of the Braves they were scoring runs to their delight. It was only when pitcher Aneudy Martinez came on the mount for St. James That they manage to stop the I Can Boys from scoring. This was for a few innings. After those few innings the I Can Boys began scoring again until they reach a total of 12 runs, this was including a home run with two runners on base from the bat of Patrice Royal. The confidence of pitcher Rashawn keep growing as he was making the outs. In their last at bat St. James scored only two more runs to make it 10-12 But this was too late.

I Can Braves won their first game and was "party time" at the I Can Center. They all received "hugs and kisses" from the Great Cassandre Gibbs from the I Can. In the second game of the day at the Luis Vanterpool Stadium it was the Cul-de-Sac Padres who dominated the Philipsburg angel and won with the score of 9-7. This was also the last game of the first game. St. James Yankees even thou they lost they are still at the top of the chart. The coming weekend the St. Martin Pony League, Aruba Pony League and The Dominican Republic Pony League will be meeting in the Pony Eastern Caribbean Championship Tournament. Winner of the 11U Tournament will be defending the Caribbean Zone in the Chesterfield, Virginia . The St. Martin Pony League 2012 Competition will continue after the Tournament.