WIB donates to EPICs Perpetual Plastics Project

Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) Foundation is about to launch a very
exciting new project, namely: ‘Perpetual Plastics’, a social plastic recycling workspace. Besides
bringing environmental awareness and opportunities regarding better (single use) plastic waste
management to the general public.
The ‘Perpetual Plastics’ Project follows the ‘Precious Plastic’ model, where specific plastic
types can be shredded, melted and moulded into newly reusable useful products, in a safe and
reliable manner. These ‘new’ (recycled) plastic products ensure that less (single use) plastic waste
ends up on the landfill or in our environment, items can be produced locally as opposed to being
imported, in turn decreasing the islands carbon footprint and the leaching of toxins – which harm not
only nature but also us as humans.
For this endeavour to become a reality, acquiring a space and the necessary machinery,
much community support has been necessary, EPIC is eternally grateful to have been able to garner
as much support as it has thus far. Windward Islands Bank (WIB), throughout the years, has
partnered with multiple EPIC-led projects, and has again shown that it takes its Corporate Social
Responsibility seriously and has pledged a sizeable amount to help initiate the ‘Perpetual Plastics’
Project. EPIC is pleased to again have been able to gain such commendable support from WIB in this
hands-on inclusive approach to working towards a greener future.