Police will continue with control on scooter and motorcycle riders

The police of Sint Maarten have conducted several controls in recent days to ensure general
safety and prepare for the upcoming busy carnival period. As a result of these controls, a
number of motorbikes and scooters have been taken into safekeeping.
Most of these scooters and motorbikes were found to be lacking the necessary paperwork
or did not meet the technical requirements for use on public roads. These scooters have
been impounded and are currently waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners.
Police are urging all scooter riders to make sure that they have obtained all necessary
paperwork and meet technical requirements before using their vehicles on public roads. Not
complying with these requirements not only puts the rider at risk but also endangers other
road users and may lead to impounding of the vehicle.
To retrieve their impounded scooters, the police are requesting that owners come forward
as soon as possible with their documentation. If the rightful owners fail to claim their
scooters within a specified time frame, the police will dispose of them with the appropriate
legal permissions.