Handmade on Saba store officially open

The Handmade on Saba store officially opened its doors to the public on March 11. Handmade
on Saba, located at the Breadline Plaza in Windwardside, is an artist collaboration that was established
late 2023. Different artists and crafters came together to create a platform to teach and inspire, while
also providing a low-level entry venue to stimulate and support local artistry. 
Commissioner Rolando Wilson officially opened the venue by cutting the ribbon. In his speech he
mentioned that opening a store was no small feat and that it took courage and determination to make it
happen. Wilson said he admired the entrepreneurship of the group of artists and crafters and their
willingness to take the risk to pursue a dream. He noted that the shop was not just a place of business,
but also a testament of the group’s vision and creativity. 
Founding member of the artist collaboration Anna Keene thanked everybody for their support and said
she was happy that the store materialized. Keene said the shop has the work of 15 local artists and
crafters on display and hoped that more would follow to show the talent and creativity that the people
on Saba have to offer. 
At Handmade on Saba, all items are locally made. The store welcomes all art and craft work such as
paintings, jewellery, home decor, clothing, bags, music, jams, greeting cards and much more. Local
artists who are interested to have their work on display can contact the shop. Handmade on Saba is is
open from Mon-Thu 9am-6pm, Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 8am-12pm. Follow the store on Facebook and
Instagram via @HandmadeOnSaba