Fire department issues fire warning due to dry spell

The Fire Department is calling on the community to be very conscious of not throwing out
lighted cigarettes or matches that could result in bush fires in fire prone areas due to the current dry spell.
Persons, who would like to burn bush or garbage in a built-up area, or on a hillside for agricultural activities, are requested to refrain from doing so, and contact the Fire Department for advice.
Those seeking information can contact the Fire Department at 542-1215, 542-1217, 542-6001 or in case of an emergency 919.
The inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property, and the environment in these dry weather conditions that the country is currently experiencing.
Fires can get out of control by spreading rapidly due to high winds quickly threatening lives and property.

A person can help by reducing bush fire hazards by acting responsibly and following the aforementioned advice from the national Fire Department.
The Fire Department falls under the Ministry of General Affairs.