The Accion21 faction conducted a scientific poll through third parties with the objective of gathering information in order to better understand public opinion.
The party uses scientific surveys with a margin of error of 2,5% to determine what the Aruban people opine on economic, political and social topics. Both in 2021 and 2022, Accion21 commissioned renowned political consultants in Latin America to carry out surveys ensuring responses from every neighborhood, age group, gender, level of education etc. weighted by national distribution according to latest census data in order to better understand public opinion. The Aruban people’s perspective on different important themes and where they perceive problems is the basis used in creating the party’s program, positions and solutions. The surveys conclusions are based on the results of anonymous participation.
The REED Latino Awards are the most important awards in the political communication and public relations industry in Latin America. The REED Latino Awards are organized by the Spanish-language version of the magazine, “Elections & Campaigns.”
Submissions are made from all countries in Latin America and Caribbean, Hispanic markets in the USA, Brazil and Spain in different categories. Electoral campaigns, publications, political communication theses, public relations and governmental campaigns that occurred between July 10, 2021 and August 13, 2022 are eligible for submission and possible nomination.
This year the REED Latino Awards final will be celebrated in Panana where a Digital Survey and Nanotargeting, commissioned by Accion21 and conducted in Aruba in March 2022 has been nominated in the category, “Best sociodemographic research work through new technologies.” The winners will be announced during the awards
final on November 11 th and 12 th at the Hotel La Compañia Panama.
“It’s an honor to have our survey of Aruba nominated to awards finalist. We entrusted renowned political consultants to carry out the investigations which assisted us in better understanding the opinions of the people of Aruba on different issues, through scientific methods that support and validate the survey results. We are very proud that something innovative happening in Aruban politics receives international recognition. Accion21 would like to congratulate our collaborators and wish them much success in the finals.”
Member of Parliament and Leader of the Accion21 party, Miguel Mansur declared.
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